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Our team currently has a management team that consists of:


  • Base Commander – Dave
  • Secretary – Lesley
  • Head of Operations – Tom
  • Training Lead – Eugene
  • Equipment Lead- Greg 
  • Water and Bankside Lead – Sophie
  • Operations Officer – Vaughan 
  • Welfare Lead – Sherry


Our Team generally consists of recruits, SAR Tech’s, Team leaders, Medic’s and Bankside Technician’s.


Team members come from all walks of life, this includes paramedics, police officers, engineers, teachers, nurses, fire fighters, students and MUCH MUCH MORE



We are extremely pleased to announce that our volunteers at Merseyside Search and Rescue are pushing out their boundaries in a very different role and will now be proudly supporting the Hyperbaric Facility team at our extremely supportive home (Emergency Services Training Centre Ltd.)

Our volunteers will continue training once social distancing allows and members will become fully qualified in the operations/safety of the landing pad and the firefighting skills required for the landing of the helicopters that bring in those ill patients into the Hyperbaric Facility.

The Hyperbaric Facility at ESTC is one of only 9 ‘Cox’ Category One facilities on the UK mainland. ESTC can deal with any Hyperbaric emergency, including patients requiring full intensive support. The rest of team consists of consultants who have experience in anaesthesia, intensive care and Hyperbaric medicine. They are supported by ICU nurses and a strong technical support team who provide expert care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The facility has a helicopter landing site adjacent to the Hyperbaric Facility allowing immediate access to the recompression chambers for patients arriving via helicopter, which is where we will come in to help and assist in the landing of the helicopter, providing the most professional and safe arrival of the helicopter and of course the patient.