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Search and Rescue teams across the country receive no government funding and MERSAR is no exception.  We rely heavily on donations, and our original members and their families have generously contributed funds and services to get us started.

We’d like to thank the following for their valuable contributions:


GEM Engineering Ltd. of Deeside for providing two top-quality bespoke antenna mast bases free-of-charge.

Birkenhead High School Academy have allowed us to use their premises for our training and classroom sessions.

Ariotek have kindly provided our web-based facilities, including website, corporate email and discussion forum.

Sponsorship and Equipment requirements:

The group needs equipment to operate effectively, to respond to calls and rescue people located during searches.

The team members donate significant time and money but, like most other Search and Rescue Teams, we rely on donations from the public to assist in buying and replacing necessary equipment.

Please see the list below and con sider whether you can assist (or your company can assist) with any of our requirements. Any donation, however big or small, is very welcome and much needed.

Sponsors will be credited as a supporter of the group (unless they request to remain anonymous):

Required Items and estimated costs



Radio/Mobile communications x 4 £400.00 per unit
Radio repeater & aerial £1500.00
Liability and Medical Malpractice insurance £1500.00
Vehicle insurance £1100.00
Team Training
Search technician training courses – 15 required £80.00 pp
Search team leader training courses – 4 required £80.00 pp
Search controller training courses – 2 required £120.00 pp
Team Clothing
Waterproof high visibility jackets and waterproof trousers x 15 £200.00 per person
Fleece jackets (with embroided logo) – 15 required £300.00
Polo t-shirt (with embroided logo) – 15 required £300.00
Gloves – 20 pairs required £200.00
Medical Equipment and Supplies
Kitted medical pack x 4 required £1200.00 each  
Personal first aid kits for team members x 15 £50.00 each  
Spinal immobilisation kits/stretchers/spinalboard/collars £2000.00  
AED [Automated External Defibrillator] x 2 £1100.00 each
Oxygen/Pulse oximeter x 4 £50.00 each
Blankets (insulated) – 10 required £30.00 each
Navigational Aids & Electronics
Navigation systems (handheld) £1500.00
Compasses – 20 required £300.00
Laminated personal maps x various £600.00
Computer equipment (Various) £3000.00
Computer printers £ 200.00
Other Items
Printing, signage & publicity £ TBA
Torches & scene lighting £1000.00  
Ropes £300.00
Harnesses/misc climbing equipment/helmets £1000.00
Various carry bags, cases and containers £500.00
Petrol generator £350.00
Pop up tent/shelter £550.00
Traffic cones/barriers £58.00
Throw bags and pfd’s x 15 sets £170.00 each
Wish list Items:
Team vehicle (preferably 110 Landrover suitable for transporting team members to a location/ extracting casualties/ ambulance function)
Unit Support vehicle suitable for mobile office in the rear – commercial vehicle/ unimog.
Vehicle livery

If you are able to support us, please email the Chairman on:  chairman@mersar.org.uk