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Volunteering with Merseyside Search & Rescue

Please note that we are not currently taking on volunteers – check back or follow our social media for recruitment updates in the coming months

Volunteer as a fundraiser 

We are 100% a voluntary group. Nobody in the charity is paid for their time or expenses! Volunteers can either be Operational or Non Operational.  During recruitment, we accept volunteers to help us fundraise, run events and become none operational Search Technicians.  Without volunteers to assist with fundraising we simply could not survive. 


Volunteer as an Operational Search Technician

First things first
It is highly important for potential volunteers to understand just how much of a commitment it is being operational in a Lowland rescue Search Team. Please consider carefully the impact on you, your families in both time and money and interruption to normal life. Emergency call outs never happen at a convenient time.  

There is also a financial cost, as of course you will require your own reliable transport pay, for your own fuel and buy clothing and personal equipment such as torches etc. But don’t rush out and by loads of kit on your first day.  An Average amount of individual volunteer hours is approximately 200 a year.

Also if you are looking for sirens, blue lights, fast driving, high adrenaline action – well we don’t do any of that. Safety first and operating within Lowland Rescue operating procedures we save lives safely.

Secondly, as we keep mentioning we are a charity and all members are expected to commit and contribute towards fundraising for the charity. No fundraising = No MERSAR, Simples!

Search Technicians
It is mandatory for all new potential operational members to start their search career as a Search Technician foot-team member. To do this you must attend our training evening which are held mostly on a Monday evening from 19:30. In addition to which we occasionally carry out full search exercises at weekends.

You are not required to attend every session, we do understand that everyone is busy and has other commitments, but you will need to attend enough to stay professionally current with your core skills. This is usually 75% attendance.

All team members will need to learn some core skills detailed below, but don’t worry we teach you everything you need to know and more. Core skills include, Navigation, Radio Communication, First Aid, Search Skills, Outdoor Skills.

You will also be required to walk five miles over various types of terrain in a maximum time of two hours.

Not every role is for everyone so we have a range of abilities, backgrounds and skill sets within the team.